The Pandemic is a concern today.

The ideal country to live in will depend largely on how the authorities have handled the covid-19

In Uruguay, to date (November 25, 2020) there have been 72 deaths, the vast majority in the capital Montevideo.

In all the departments of Uruguay (except Montevideo), deaths can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

From the total of 3.560 people infected of Covid-19, more than 84% have recovered and are back home.

This numbers are so small compared to any other country that we could consider Uruguay as a Covid Free Country.

This makes us very proud, and added to the beauties of this beautiful country, we think that living in Uruguay is an excellent option for life.


Undoubtedly Uruguay is the best place to live in Latin America.

Better income per capita, better education, excellent health services, security, and political and economic stability.

There is a lot of space and pure air. In size it is half that of Germany, however the Germans are 90 million in their country and here we are only a little more than 3 million.

We have beautiful hills and beaches, opportunities for investment and work in tourism, forestry and livestock among others.

There is much to do and much to enjoy.

A paradise and an ideal refuge to live.

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